Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tombstone Tuesday - Woodman of the World: This One Has Me Stumped

Despite driving by this tombstone everyday, I never noticed it was a tree stump. So I stopped, took a few photographs, and after some research, I discovered what a Woodman of the World Memorial is. (click these links for more info: Southern Graves and Woodmen of the World)

I also noticed that Mr. McIver is buried next to an ancestor (how did I not notice the tree stump headstone before?!)...and he shares the same last name as my ancestor's wife...and they died the same year. Could this stump be part of my family tree?? Sounds like a fun genealogy mystery to me!


  1. I've never seen these types of gravestones around here (New Hampshire) but I'm going to start looking. Did you ever figure out if Mr McIver is a relative or not?

  2. Thanks for the information in this post. I have several collateral ancestors who were Woodmen. I haven't been to the cemetery yet but after reading your post, it makes me wonder if they have stump gravestones.

  3. Heather...no I don't know if Mr McIver is a relative but I will post an update when or if I find something.

    Nancy...you are welcome. I really wasn't interested in headstones until I started blogging...now I keep my eyes open for unique finds. Let me know if you find any Woodmen!


  4. I think most of these early fraternal organizations like Woodmen of the World were organized around life insurance for its members.

    WOW ran a TB sanitarium north of Colorado Springs at the turn of the century - they still have a Woodmen Road.

    My great-grandfather belonged to a similar organization called the Maccabees. Members paid ten cents a month and then if they were died, their widows got something like $200.