Monday, September 13, 2010

Amanuensis Monday - 1952 Trip to Japan

This is a letter from my mother's paternal grandmother to my mother's maternal grandmother about getting ready for a trip to Japan.  My mom (Sharon), her mother (Wilma), her sister (Muriel), and her brother (Jimmy) flew from Florida to California to board a ship to Japan where her father (Roy Sauls) was stationed. Hope I have not confused you too much...enjoy!

[I apologize for the quality of the pictures...these are scanned copies of a copy of the original letter.]

Feb 2, 1952 at 7am

Dear Alvie,

Here is the snap of our children dressed and ready for breakfast at “Minnie’s and Nellie’s” house.  The film must have been crowded in the camera for the doorframe is crooked.  I just love this picture.

This is a few minutes later.  Leila had to have a picture too.  She looks more like the Blairs all the time.  She and Muriel are about the same height but Leila is heavier.  Jimmie looks sleepy and I suppose he was for they got up at 6:30.


7:30 and breakfast. Nellie on the piano bench – she thought she wouldn’t show in the picture.  I’m sure our house isn’t this crooked.  The cake saver looks as if it might fall off any minute.  Breakfast is over, it was very light.

Now at 7:35.  They were on their way out to the car and their last ride in the blue Buick.  I’m sorry Sharon’s coat don’t show more for it was so pretty.  Muriel’s hat was krimmer trim and matched the old coat very good.


On to the plane at 9:25.  They let Priscilla inside the gate to take this one.  Jimmy refused to carry his top coat and pants so Sharon is loaded down.  They were all so excited and happy.  The plane was a 50 passenger sleeper.  But we were glad when this day was over.


Right on schedule they went up into the “wild blue yonder” then made a return and took off toward St. Pete and the Gulf of Mexico.  Now if we only had a few snap shots of their landing and meeting with LeRoy.

Best Love,

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