Thursday, October 13, 2011

Treasure Chest Thursday - Capt. Drew

Capt. Drew
Ok, I may be tweaking today's theme just a little, but this is a treasure for me. I took this picture of my son, Drew, on his way to school. This week is spirit week at school, and today is Pirate day. Clearly Drew is a treasure, but his costume contains a few items that I hope will be future treasures:

1) His Hat - we got that hat at Disney World when Drew was just three or four. He has always loved pirates and swords. When he was a toddler he always preferred a sword, gun, or broomstick to any other toy.

2) My High School Class Ring - he is wearing it as part of his pirate bling. He said he wouldn't loose it.

3) His Hair - I know that is a strange treasure - mostly parents save a lock after a child's first haircut. But Drew is growing his hair to donate to the Locks of Love.

So this is a moment it time in my son's life. A moment I treasure!