Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sentimental Sunday - Evelyn

Pearl Evelyn Jensen the name of the beautiful young lady featured on this blog.  She is my grandmother. She is the best grandmother you can imagine. She...

...has a great sense of humor
...loves candy (especially peanut M&Ms)
...cusses (no other grandmother I know would dare cuss)
...has the biggest dimples when she smiles (lucky for me I inherited this trait)
...wraps restaurant leftovers in a napkin and stuffs them in her purse despite being given a to-go box
...stores kleenex in the wrist of her long sleeve shirts or sweaters just in case
...wears a size 4 shoe
...lived in Chicago in the 20's
...loves to watch Soul Train because she "loves the way those kids move"
...did not marry until she was in her mid-thirties
Lucile, Ostense, Evelyn, and Andrew Jensen
...misses her sister, Lucile, very much
...almost died giving birth to identical twins, my father and uncle
...worked for the candymaker Mars (she would bring home pockets filled with candy to share with her mom)
...loves to listen to talk radio (me too!)
...bites her fingernails when she worries
...loves me!

Evelyn passed away in 1987 - the very day, the very minute I drove out my driveway to go to Converse College for my freshman mom says it was her way of making sure I made it to school.  I was her only grandchild so I guess it is safe for me to say I was her favorite.  She lived with me and my parents for ten years after my grandfather passed away.  I would not trade those years for anything.

Grandpa, Grandma, Dad & me
I miss you grandma!


  1. Hi! I just discovered your blog and like it already! This post reminded me of a post I did on my grandmother. She always said I was her favorite, but she had 24 grandchildren!

  2. That is the most awesome tribute to your Grandmother. Boy did it make me smile.

  3. Beautiful post about your grandmother! Your list of things about her really made me chuckle as it reminded me of several of the same things my grandmother also did. I had totally forgotten about them until I read this post. Thanks for sharing it! I miss mine too!

    Thanks for becoming a follower. I'm already following yours. Great site!