Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sentimetal Sunday: My Grandpa's Poem

In my stack of stuff, I have this little treasure. It is a poem written by my Grandfather (Nov. 18, 1977). Now I never imagined that my grandfather wrote poetry, but my uncle says that he did many surprising things like write this poem. So knowing he held this same paper and wrote these words brings me closer to him. When I read it, I can picture my grandpa taking my 9 year old son's hand, who he never had a chance to meet, and telling him stories about life. Here is the poem:

To a Little Boy from an Old Man

At a friends home I happen to see
A photo of a little boy, who is unknown to me
I studied the picture, then I could see
The beautiful features of the boy, who is unknown to me

My mind wandered back, I wished to be
The age of this boy, who is unknown to me
Mother Nature said, No, that is not for thee

I asked the little boy, let me take your hand
Come along with me. I will show you our great land
We will travel far, we will sit by the sea

As we journey on, I will tell you about life
And what is to be
The hardships, the pleasures, the work and the strife
All this will be part of your life

Be honest, be strong above all be a man
Then I am sure, you will see
What a wonderful life this can be.

All my love to the little boy
Who is unknown to me

Clarence Silk
The Old Man


  1. that brought a tear to my eyes. made me think about my own grandfather's who never got to see my sons or take their hands. too bad time travel isn't available.

  2. What a wonderful legacy to have. This is a poem to keep and treasure-- and pass on to future generations.

  3. Neat!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my Dad's report card. He always said, "I have a lot of talent, but most of it is hidden." I think his poetry talent was one of those, as well! ;-)

  4. What a wonderful poem! It brought tears to my eyes, as well. I first thought of all those little ones who will come after I am gone whom I will never know. And then your Grandpa's given us a charge to leave our legacy for them. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. As Mary said in her comment, this is a treasure!
    Thank you sharing it with us, and thanks for participating in the Challenge.

  6. Beautiful on so many levels - especially that you got to know a lovely side of your grandfather you hadn't known before. He must have been a wonderful man.